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We are what we eat

The basis of long life and good health is high-quality and healthy food. This is something that is better not to save and follow the composition of what you eat. The main trend of the mass food market is the replacement of natural products with food additives, increasing shelf life and reducing cost. However, if you want to be happy and healthy, we recommend that you carefully monitor what you eat. We recommend buying organic, farm products and preparing them with simple, traditional recipes. We would like to recommend the project shop Garbooz, where you can buy high-quality, natural farm products from the best farmers in Ukraine. The administration monitors the quality of products.

We started working in Boryspil and Vyshhorod

Our partner has become one of the largest chain of pharmacies

We agreed to work on mutually beneficial terms with one of the largest pharmaceutical networks in Ukraine. Now you have the opportunity to purchase medicines and funds much cheaper.

Honor develops a national network of home care agencies

Honor recently added seven home care partners to its help network and is actively seeking partners in new and existing regions in California, Texas and New Mexico.

"We started Honor to give our parents the care they need to make them as independent as possible," said Seth Sternberg, CEO of Honor. "As we grew up, we quickly saw that the best way to look after older people on a scale is to partner with local agencies and expand their capabilities, so we launched the Honor Care Network. So far we have seen remarkable progress and are pleased with the new level, having created the largest, most informed team of agency partners and educators ever assembled."

Parents will be compensated 1,5 thousand UAH for the services of a nanny

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has developed a resolution in which the concept of "municipal nanny" is described in order to support working parents. This was announced by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman on his Twitter page. The service can be used by families in which parents prefer to work instead of a decree. The state will pay such families compensation in the amount of 1500 UAH. Nurse parents will be able to choose themselves. The service promises to be simple and understandable.
Service of search and selection of the professional personnel for care of the elderly, invalids and other people requiring in maintenance of care at home.


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