About company

Acare.pro is a company that provides high-quality, high-quality care for the elderly, disabled people and other categories in need of help from home staff. When creating Acare, we studied the advanced national and global experience of the care industry, analyzed the needs and learned the expectations of customers. We have done a service to complexes that unite the technological platform, the scientific potential and the possibilities of a large partner network.
Founded in 2015, Acare is one of the fastest growing and technology home care companies in Ukraine.
We are well aware that we are working with dear people and it is very important for us to exceed expectations by offering quality services. We carefully select staff and make efforts to improve the skills of employees.

Our priorities

We work with people and we fully understand our responsibility for the result of our activity.
  • Improving the quality and expanding the range of care services provided and ensuring all people's needs
  • Development of professional skills of the company's employees and improvement of working conditions
  • Improvement of the technological base for greater automation of the process and communication
  • Expansion of the partner network to provide a set of services on the most favorable terms
The motives for creating a home care service for me are personal. I myself, when that, stumbled with a search for a nurse and realized that it was not easy to find it. Then I wanted to make a really useful service that would quickly provide a person in need of care with everything necessary. I want Acare.pro to become the entry point for people who need the care of a guardian and try to use the latest technologies and world experience.